For any organisation to run successfully, rules are put in place, and camp is no different.  Children will be made aware of the camp rules from the outset.

In the event of rules being deliberately broken, leaders would consider appropriate and proportionate responses.

Continual disobedience or a significant misdemeanour may result in the child having to return home from camp. This is a last resort and is applied when all other methods have been attempted. In such circumstances, parents will be contacted to inform them of the Camp Leader’s decision against which there is no right of appeal or refund.

Mobile Phones

Mobiles are part and parcel of life today, and we totally understand that children will want to bring them to camp.  Please be aware that phones, and any other technology such as smart watches, are brought to camp entirely at your own risk and will be the responsibility of your child at all times.

We recommend that they be used sparingly, so as to enjoy the spirit of camp!  If children are feeling homesick, we can arrange mutually convenient times to chat to parents.  We will also give parents a camp mobile number should they need to get in touch with us or their child in an emergency.

Children will be expected to adhere to rules around the use of mobile phones at camp.

The following is not an exhaustive list, but an example of things that will not be allowed at camp…

  • accessing websites or social media that are not age appropriate
  • accessing or sharing hurtful or inappropriate messages/GIFs/memes
  • the use of bad language and/or blasphemy
  • sharing photos/videos, either via message or on social media, of another camper or camp leader without their express consent
  • use of phones during classes or singing time

Harmful Substances

There is a zero tolerance policy for recreational drugs, hard core drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, vapes or similar products, glues etc. Any individual found with these in their possession will be taken home or their parents asked to collect them.

Gambling is similarly forbidden.

Any child who is likely to face any issue with these restrictions should privately discuss the situation with a youth club leader before coming to camp.


At the commencement of camp, we insist that ALL medication is handed in to the Medical Supervisor who will organise appropriate dispensation thereafter.

It is a serious misdemeanour for children to retain their own medication, even for older ones who are capable, as they may fall into the hands of those who are not capable.

Pain killers should not be brought to camp.  The designated First Aiders will be able to give paracetamol or other pain relief should it be needed.

Please ensure that any and all medical information, including information about medication, is completed on your child’s consent form.  It is essential that all medicine that is brought to camp is clearly labelled with your child’s name and dosage information.

Speak to a camp leader before camp if you have any concerns or queries with regards to medicines.


Camp is open every day for parents/guardians to visit, but we do ask that:

  1. A Leader is informed 24 hours prior or as long as practicable beforehand
  2. All visitors sign in prior to walking into the site area in general.
  3. All visitors inform the Leader as they leave
  4. Parents do not interrupt any special activity – such as classes, events etc.
  5. No child is taken from the site
  6. Under no circumstances will any visitor be able to stay beyond dusk.